King 5 Evening

It was so fun to see the girls interviewed by King 5 Evening today. Kim Holcomb did such a great job asking questions giving the girls a chance to tell their story in their own words.

Seattle Time – Two girls’ floating lemonade stand makes a big splash on Seattle’s Lake Union

What a great experience for the girls to be interviewed and asked to tell their story. We were so proud seeing the girls answer questions and tell their story of the lessons they have learned and the experience they are having. The Seattle times did such a great job listening to the girls and capturingContinue reading “Seattle Time – Two girls’ floating lemonade stand makes a big splash on Seattle’s Lake Union”

Investing and an 11 Year Old

My conversation with Kate about investing went marginally better than my conversation with Quinny. After failing with Quinny I decided a little less abstract conversation may be better. ?Dad: “What companies do you like” Kate: “Apple, Chipotle, slime (not a company but ok), Disney” Dad: “Do you want to buy stock in one of thoseContinue reading “Investing and an 11 Year Old”

Investing and an 8 Year Old

The girls are required to invest one third of their profits with the goal of teaching them about investing at an early age and showing them how investing can help one’s money work for them. Quinny has been a bit reluctant to embrace the concept. Our first few conversations went as follows: Dad: “Quinny doContinue reading “Investing and an 8 Year Old”

Giving Results

On this post we track our progress to our giving goals. The girls have two ways they give back. First they donate 1/3 of their profits to the charity of their choosing, in this case the Rainier Animal Fund. In addition, they received a micro loan to build their lemonade stand and they need toContinue reading “Giving Results”

Micro Loan to Francine

Why we chose Francine We choose the African Congo because they are the poorest country. When we saw her story we thought it would be good because she was close to her goal and because most people in Africa don’t have beds and mattresses so her company would do well. She also had a goodContinue reading “Micro Loan to Francine”

Mico Loan To Ina

Ina’s story Ina is a 27-year-old woman from the city of Korça. She lives with her parents in a well-arranged house. Ina has worked for many years as a saleswoman and thinks that this is a very good business to make a good income for her and her parents. Ina wants to open a clothingContinue reading “Mico Loan To Ina”


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