Investing and an 8 Year Old

The girls are required to invest one third of their profits with the goal of teaching them about investing at an early age and showing them how investing can help one’s money work for them. Quinny has been a bit reluctant to embrace the concept. Our first few conversations went as follows:

Dad: “Quinny do you want to buy stock with your profits”

Quinny: “What do you get when you buy stock”

Dad: “Ownership in the company”

Quinny: “Like do I own the company”

Dad: “Now just piece of the company”

Quinny: “like a brick or a chair”

Dad: “No like a small fraction of everything”

Quinny: “So dad when I give the money what do I physically get”

Dad: “Well you used to get a piece of paper but now you do not”

Quinny: “So I give them money and I get nothing”

Dad: “No, but you can make money”

Quinny: “So if I give them money I will make money”

Dad: “Well it is not guaranteed and you can lose money”

Quinny: “Why can’t I just keep it in cash”

Dad: “Technically that is an investment”

Quinn: “I am not buying stock”

Dad: “Well played Quinny you won this one”

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