Investing and an 11 Year Old

My conversation with Kate about investing went marginally better than my conversation with Quinny. After failing with Quinny I decided a little less abstract conversation may be better.

?Dad: “What companies do you like”

Kate: “Apple, Chipotle, slime (not a company but ok), Disney”

Dad: “Do you want to buy stock in one of those companies?”

Kate: “If I buy stock in Apple do I get a free Iphone?”

Dad: “No you do not get a free I phone and no you are not old enough to have a phone”

Kate: “What about Chipotle? Do I get free food or even a discount”

Dad: “No but if you buy stock in Disney they hold the annual meeting at a Disney resort”

Kate: “I get to go to Disney Land?”

Dad: “No, you need to buy airfare and still pay to get in the park”

Kate: “What about facebook?”

Dad: “What about facebook?”

Kate: “Can I get a facebook account”

Dad: “Facebook accounts are free, but you are not old enough to have a social media account”

Kate: “I can own stock but can’t have an account? I guess I will buy stock”

Dad: “Victory… I think?”

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