Permits, licensing and the fun stuff

The girls taking the King County Food Handlers Permit Class

The girls went through the process of getting their food handlers permit in order to be able to operate their lemonade stand. King County has a great online program that made getting the permit easy and informative for the girls.

For those of you that are wondering we did register the boat. Apparently, any hand made boat that is under 16 feet can be registered over the counter at the DMV. They have a number of check boxes for what type of boat… However, they did not have a check box for a floating lemonade stand… So we selected a pontoon boat.

In addition, while were we were at it we went ahead and formed a LLC and have gotten the necessary state and city business permits. We are not sure what is harder getting the permits and licenses or explaining them to an 8 and 11 year old.

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